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T H E  S T O R Y  S O  F A R

Twenty five years ago a group from the Glenmark Lions Club organised a variety show as a way of lifting the spirits of the community after a particularly tough season for farmers

 Since then the annual musicals and 1 play have provided light entertainment at the end of many a long winter. The earlier shows were directed by talented locals before the decision was made to grow the skill base by bringing in outside directors. So began an association with the Court
Theatre, Riccarton Players and North Canterbury Musical Society.

The group has relied heavily on the commitment of various individuals such as: Maestros - Marilyn Johnson and Anthony Kingston, Committee and production duo - Gary and Lyndsey Millar, and long serving social media savvy secretary - Anna McBreen.                

 A core group of performers return year in year out welcoming new thespians to the group, and we are always looking to showcase new talent. Our audience is dominated by a loyal following who are always generous with applause and praise. This is often due to a personal association with the cast but also the high quality of the shows. Some special performances include; "Dracula Spectacula", "Oklahoma", "Little Shop of Horrors" and "South Pacific".


Dave Nicholls


Charlotte Campbell


Lyndsey Millar



John McCaskey

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