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Directing and Acting Workshops

The Hurunui Theatre Group will be running Directing and Acting workshops starting on Saturday and Sunday the 14th & 15th of February 2015 from 10am. (To be confirmed)

Venue: Waipara and/or Scargill Hall.


As a director, the first thing is to choose a short one act play or an excerpt from a play and cast it with people who want to learn or improve their acting skills. You can organise your own cast or we will make it up from those that register.


Then bring the play and cast along with a spare copy of the script for me (Perry Spicer-see below) and we will workshop the plays focusing on the directing and stage craft. We will cover all and any aspects of staging a production that you want to look at.


You will then go and work on your production with some more mentoring input and then perform your work for the others involved.





I have been involved in theatre for about 50 years, with 40 of them in professional theatre.


Starting as we all do in amateur musicals, I then moved to non musical theatre where I was given a scholarship to drama school at New Theatre with Nola Miller, which later became the NZ Drama School where we learnt all aspects of theatre from props and lighting to costume and set design.


It wasn't just limited to theatre as I went on to try acting in films and television, gathered a degree in Theatre Studies at Canterbury and taught stage craft, acting and directing at CU for 5 years.


While I have all but retired from theatre, I now have the opportunity to give back to the craft I love and enjoy so much. The hardest thing as a young actor was getting into directing and I had a wonderful mentor who inspired me to help others as he helped me. Hence the idea for these acting and directing workshops, to keep local amateur theatre alive and thriving for the next generation.


I hope we can offer you something at what ever your level of experience is on or off the boards.







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